Docker image tmaier/docker-compose is deprecated from now on

The official docker image finally ships with Docker Compose by default!

Posted by Tobias L. Maier on November 01, 2022

I am using Docker and Docker Compose since many years in my CI/CD pipelines. Docker Compose within my GitLab CI pipeline allowed me to spin up the full fledged test environment, exactly the same way as I do it for my local development environment (today, this is usually based von VS Code Remove Container).

Unfortunately, the docker image never had docker-compose available. This is why I created a dedicated docker image in 2017, called tmaier/docker-compose (see Docker Hub). It has been also quite successful with 6.2 million pulls as of today.

I continued to maintain this image for many years. Fast forward to 2022, this is finally not necessary anymore.

Pull Request docker-library/docker#361 added Docker Compose, but also Buildx to the docker image.

This means, tmaier/docker-compose can be finally deprecated. tmaier/docker-compose will continue to provide docker-compose v1, but deprecated means, that no further changes shall be expected.

Way forward

Everyone should consider to upgrade to Docker Compose v2 and replace tmaier/docker-compose with docker.