QR Code Label Generator for ASN in Paperless-ngx

This tool generates QR code labels for the Archive Serial Number (ASN) feature in Paperless-ngx.

The ASN feature allows you to assign a unique serial number to each document in your archive. This is useful if you want to refer to a document in a paperless workflow. For example, you can print the ASN on a document and then use it to search for the document in Paperless-ngx.

This tool generates QR code labels for the ASN feature. You can generate labels for up to 189 documents at once. The labels are formatted to fit on Avery L4731REV-25 labels.

To use this tool, enter the start number, prefix, and number of leading zeros. Then click the "Regenerate Labels" button. The labels will be generated and displayed below. You can then print the labels by clicking the "Print Labels" button.

One known limitation of this tool is that it only works on Google Chrome and possibly Firefox. This is because it uses the @page CSS rule to control the page size, margin, and to turn off the default header and footer of the browser.

The number of labels generated will be 7 x 27 = 189. This means the next batch of labels should start with 190.

If you change this, update the prefix in Paperless-ngx accordingly via PAPERLESS_CONSUMER_ASN_BARCODE_PREFIX.

This may be useful for debugging or to calibrate the print out.