About me

About Tobias L. Maier - IT Architect from Munich, Germany

Tobias is a passionate IT architect, interested in the topic Digital Transformation. This includes Cloud Computing in general, DevOps best-practices or questions like when and when not to use a CMS or how modern and lightweight architectures should look like today.

I like also to contribute to OSS software. OSS software allows me to fix bugs and implement features on my own agenda, which makes it very powerful. Check out my profiles on GitHub and GitLab to see what I am up to.

Side projects

I am involved in the following side projects:

Librario. Literature database for companies.

Librario is a web based library software. It allows all your employees and colleagues easy access to your literature and knowledge. Especially the full text search helps you with your research. Check it out at https://www.librario.de.

Viaja Fácil. Provide route planning for the public transport in Buenos Aires

A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine spent a couple of months in Argentina. He saw that there was no “Google Maps” for the local public transport system available, so he wrote it by himself. It is a fun little project, hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. We run it together since 2015. Check it out at https://www.viaja-facil.com.